IMG_5322The term slacks sounds so professional. I mentioned in my last post that i’m a teacher, kindergarten to be exact; however, I refuse to look like your typical teacher. At the start of the school year, I bought a few pairs of slacks from H&M, because the selection is oh so wide and oh so cute and oh so affordable. Since I like my purchases to be practical and multi-purpose, I wanted to find a way to make my school clothes work on the weekend as well.IMG_5312A white leather jacket is something you don’t think is difficult to style until you’re actually trying to style it. At least that has been the case for me. I’ve had it for a while now, but rarely does it see the light of day, because, admittedly, I think it’s a little weird, especially worn the right way. It’s amazing how slouching your clothes makes a difference in how you see them. Something made me think to wear it off-the-shoulder and voila. It didn’t seem so weird anymore.IMG_5301


Photography: Keith Nixon


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