Fran Ngong

“Enough with the natural products,” you’re probably saying. I can’t help it. Really. I purchased these soaps from Fran Ngong at the Richmond Jazz Festival, and I absolutely love them. There were several scents I loved, and it may go without saying that I will eventually try them all. Not only for the scents, but because, as with any natural products, different ingredients cater to different skin needs and types. This time around I chose Pink Grapefruit and Lemongrass & Chamomile. Here’s the deal.

This one is best used for deep moisture, and I love that it lathers so well, because I feel like it really gets the job done as far as cleaning the skin. I’ve been using this one on an everyday basis, because the scent is so refreshing, and it really wakes me up.
This one is best used for mild to severe dry skin, which is awesome for my eczema. Like Pink Grapefruit, it has a very strong and sweet scent that you can smell in a room even when you aren’t bathing.
Fran Ngong not only has soaps, but their shop features body cremes, oils, serums, and probably any other natural products that you can imagine and that I can’t wait to try.

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