Hello, My Name Is...


I am not new to this sort of thing. As a college student, I found my personal voice through the world of blogging. After I graduated in December 2017, it seemed like my life became a mess of situations, whirlwind of emotions, and adult responsibilities. My blog took a backseat and it seemed like my voice went with it. Several times over the course of 2018, I lost my song and each time had to search at length to find the tune again. The thing about losing your song is that you have an opportunity to compose a new one. That’s where I am now.

With a new goal to give myself the love i’ve been trying to give everyone else, one of my first steps is to return to something that partly defined me for a good portion of my life before I met some of the hard chapters. I don’t know that I can tell you in a few paragraphs who I am, because I am not the same yesterday as today as tomorrow. Ideally, through this site you and I together will be able to catch glimpses of me and draw the same conclusions- at any given moment, I am a lover, a nurturer, a traveler, a dreamer, a teacher, and a student of life.

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