Travel Diary: Atlanta


When I initially made my list of places I wanted to go in the United States, Atlanta was number two on that list. It’s a lively, multicultural city with that southern comfort feel that I love so much.

There’s no question that I plan to go back in the summer, when it can be referred to as “Hotlanta” and there is more movement and activity in the city.

World of Coca-Cola


I spent the first half of a day here exploring the taste of Coca-Cola and the history behind it. Once you grab your complimentary Coke and get past the introductory session including the history and a short film, it’s a self-guided tour. There are photo opportunities across the museum like a chance to pose with the polar bear or in a room full of Coke mementos. If you plan to purchase those photos, I would set aside quite a bit of money for that; they are expensive. My favorite part of the museum was being able to taste the Coca-Cola products that can be found around the world. They are organized by continent and cups are available around the room for your convenience. In my opinion, the very best flavors were found in Africa, my favorite being Stoney Ginger Beer. Adult admission is $17.

Gottlieb “Duet”

Gottlieb “Duet”

High Museum of Art

I spent the second half of the same day roaming the pristine halls and rooms of this museum. I always find myself drawn to the modern and contemporary collections of every museum, but I enjoyed the African and Decorative art sections equally as much here. As with any museums, there are limited time exhibitions going on that require the purchase of a different ticket, but general admission is $14.


When I got to Atlanta, I was online looking for things to do and a candle-making class came up. I booked it, and I really enjoyed it. There were about eleven other women and an awesome chandler (candle-maker) who was also young and black like me; it was refreshing to see. She knew her stuff well and walked us step-by-step through choosing a scent from the library, stirring the wax and all of the other small details of what goes into making a candle.


There’s a library of 100 scents, and there was no way I would get through sniffing them all, but I narrowed my choices down to about 8 and then finally chose Bergamot. For the price of $50-$65 dollars depending on which workshop you choose, you can take home at least two candles and you garner the privilege of being able to call yourself a chandler. There is a second location in Charleston, South Carolina, which was the third travel destination on my original list.

Ponce City Market

Candlefish is located at the Ponce City Market, which was historically a Sears & Roebuck that has been converted to an outdoor mall. You’ll find some of your typical mall stores, but you’ll also find some very eclectic shops, specialty stores and booths. The very cool thing about this market is that the roof is home to a mini-golf course, boardwalk games, dining, and a view of the Atlanta Skyline. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the top, but it’s something I would love to experience in the summer months of the year. Ponce City has an incredibly extensive food hall that would take months to try all of the restaurants there are to try, not to mention that you can actually purchase fresh bread, meats, etc. from vendors housed there. It’s a noisy, bustling place that I’m certain is alive from the time it opens to the time that it closes.

Krog Street Market

I ended up at Krog Street in search of good fried chicken, which I found at Richard’s. It’s similar to Ponce City in that it has a good selection of specialty food shops and small vendors where you might find candy, ice cream, wine and spirits, baked goods, etc.


I was able to cover a lot of ground in two days, but somehow don’t feel like I made a dent in all the city has to offer. There’s the Georgia Aquarium, SCAD Museum of Fashion, Centennial Park that I didn’t make it to, not to mention all of the food that I didn’t get to taste. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my time there, even in the cool of the fall. I stayed in an Airbnb just across from the Mercedes Benz stadium. It was a quiet area of downtown Atlanta that was just a 10, 15, 20 minute Uber ride away from all of the places I went. Until next time, Atlanta!