Bad Girl, Good Human

In the past two years of my adult life, one of my goals has been to embrace all of the pieces that make up the puzzle of me. Being a woman to me, or a human really, has got to be about learning to live with and balance the juxtaposition that exists in each one of us. We choose the way we form around moments and that means sometimes being strong and sometimes being soft and vulnerable. It means there are moments of calculation and moments of spontaneity. I think when we get to the fork in the road, it comes down to the level of discernment we have that allows us to choose higher and vibrate higher. The mission of Bad Girl, Good Human is to encourage women to embrace their duality. I love that we are multidimensional. We are spiritual and sexual, lost and found, lovers and fighters, visionaries and nostalgic, calm and chaos and so much more- all of which makes us real and human.


I can speak for some group of us black women that have a social goal of changing the perception of black women in society and letting it be known that we are valuable in a number of ways. We are letting everyone know that who we are transcends cultures and that we cannot and will not fit into one idea of us. Our duality is a way of life. We are not solely here for how we look, but we are here to influence culture with our voices, with our experiences, with our drive and our ambitions. I think we can continue to shift the culture by remaining the assertive, results-driven body that we are. I wouldn’t want to be anything other than a black woman, and to me that’s one of the most important elements of the multifaceted beings that we are.


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