Wheat Fields

It’s getting hotter by the day, and it’s so necessary for me to have skin out whenever and wherever possible. I don’t know if my favorite part of the outfit is the wrinkled texture (I love texture) and high split of the skirt or if it’s the feminine puff sleeves and defining tie front of the top. In any case, I can see them both being two of my most worn summer pieces.

I shared on Instagram that I’ve gained fifteen pounds. The doctor warned me that weight gain was the number one side affect of the medication i’m on. I guess I didn’t believe it enough to manage what I was eating, and now I’m trying to decide how to get back to where I usually am. I wasn’t small by any stretch, but I can feel the change in my breathing, how my clothes fit, and how I move through the day. I’ve been going back and forth about whether I’m okay with it or not. Some days I’m happy to be thicker and other days, I’m frustrated that I can’t find clothes in my closet that fit.

This look is one of those moments when I couldn’t bring myself to care about my silhouette. The fact of the matter is that we only get one body. It’s better to be grateful to it for housing the soul and connecting us to the outside world than to hold it to any one standard for how it should look. So as it goes through this phase, I give thanks that at any size, I’m still alive- a woman, a human.