Auden: An Everyday Bra

I play this game with myself where I try to find as many outfits as I can that don’t require me to wear a bra. I understand for some women they are necessary, but for me, they are the single most uncomfortable garment we’re “supposed to wear.” Unfortunately, bras can’t always be avoided, and it’s nice to have one that fits you and the occasion for which you need it.

Auden is a newer Target brand of undergarments with bras (sizes 32AA-46G), underwear and lingerie made just for me and you. Focusing on bras, from push-ups to lightly lined to everyday t-shirt to plunging lace, there are so many options that I can’t imagine there not being at least one that works for you. Recently, having gained some weight, it has become even more important for me to find one specifically with comfort in mind and the padded ribbed bralette is the prototype. It’s padded with no wiring and adjustable straps, so your main concern is really just selecting the right size; I wear a 38D and an XL fits me comfortably. In fact, so comfortably that I could almost forget it’s there.


In addition to the padded, ribbed bralette, I’m also a fan of the unlined balconette and at least a couple types of the underwear like the bikini and cheeky.