Love Home And Planet: Multipurpose Cleaner Spray

Citrus Yuzu & Vanilla Multipurpose Cleaner Spray


What could be better than a product you can use for everything? I remember as a child having cleaners like 409 heavy with chemicals that were kinda-sorta multipurpose, then somewhere between now and then, I started buying separate products for everything. Fortunately for all of us, companies are thinking about our time and our pockets by giving us cleaning sprays that are great multitaskers. Just as I use Love Home And Planet’s spray in my bathroom, I use it in my kitchen, but I also use it on outdoor furniture and the inside of my car. I love that it cleans without leaving any sort of residue and without necessarily having to scrub.

I immediately fell in love with this product, because as you may know by this point, I am in love with citrus smells, and this is arguably the greatest of them all. A Japanese native, the yuzu is a fruit known to brighten, but also good for relaxing the mind. Who ever thought a cleaning product would have self-care qualities?