River City Flower Exchange

I don’t get jealous very often, but one thing I have always been jealous of is bloggers and Instagrammers posting at flower markets. I just could not understand why no one felt that Richmond needed one. Yes, I could get flowers from my local grocery store, which I do, but it’s not exactly the same. Well I complain about it at least once a week, so there’s a possibility someone heard me and introduced River City Flower Exchange to the area.

River City Flower Exchange provides locally grown flowers to the regional wholesale community, but they’ve now brought it to The Urban Roost, a hip event hosting space, for our retail pleasure. I was overwhelmed by just how beautiful and vibrant the flower selection was.


River City Flower Exchange takes place each Wednesday from 12pm-2pm (until October 30th) for general retail. There’s a chalkboard sign that tells you what’s available and the prices. There were some I recognized like sunflowers and hydrangeas, but then others I wasn’t so sure of the name just by looking. Regardless, there is a bunch or two or three for you. If you can’t put a name with a flower, you can just hold it up and the ladies will tell you what it is. Since we’ve all come on up to 21st century, you can certainly pay with your card, so it’s not absolutely necessary to have cash.


One of the other cool things about this flower exchange is that you can pre-order and pre-pay for a monthly bouquet, meaning in July and August, you’ll be able to pick up a month’s worth of blooms chosen and arranged by the ladies who run the exchange, Jenn and Amanda. If you’re not into actually arranging them yourself or you don’t just want a bunch of one type of flower, that might be a good option for you.