Fit Me: My Favorite Foundation

When I find a good makeup product I usually stick with it, especially when it comes to staples. I’ve been using Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation for years now, and although I’ve tried new foundations here and there, I always end up finding my way back to this one.

It’s just under six dollars, and I love that the quality is comparable to high-end brands at such a low price. Now, there was a point in time when I preferred the Matte + Poreless, and there are still some occasions when matte might be necessary, but the Dewy + Smooth formula is definitely my go-to. It gives such a natural finish and it doesn’t take much at all (nickel-size amount) to cover my face.

I generally apply it with a flat top powder brush (synthetic), because it also works well with wet products and the shape lends itself to covering areas efficiently.

With Maybelline’s Face Studio Master Prime, you can forget about it wearing off over the course of the day. I bounce between shades 315 Soft Honey and 322 Warm Honey. What shade fits you?