Interiors: Bathroom Decor

My bathroom is not small; however, with the double sink, irregular-shaped tub, standup shower, and separate toilet room, I don’t feel the space is maximized. Given that it’s not a really modern home, the builders were probably not thinking as much about minimalization as people do today. Being the type of person I am, I have to have an organized space, but my efforts to arrange the bathroom in a practical way turned into my redecorating altogether. The bathroom is a space you use everyday, so you may as well make it beautiful to look at and functional to use. It doesn’t take much to make a space feel new. A coat of paint, maybe a few artificial flowers, and fresh linens do the trick for me every time.


Now that i’ve painted two of them myself, I realize that accent walls have a way of making a space feel bigger. I’m loving shades of orange right now, especially paired with greenery, so I knew exactly what I was looking for when I headed to the home improvement store. Names really sell me, so when I saw that this Valspar color was named “Spanish Dancer,” I had to have it. I got a quart of a satin finish, because for some reason that made sense to me in a bathroom, and it only took one coat.


I would love to have more real plants in my space, but it’s hard to maintain the temperature in my room, and unfortunately several of my plants have died. The new wave is artificial plants, and while I love them potted, I also love them hanging. Craft and home stores always have a variety of garland greenery, and I found this one at At Home for just $10.


As strange as it sounds, I like to see towels neatly folded and stacked. I don’t prefer to use white linens, because they easily stain, so they’re a display piece- a cheap way to accent a bathroom.


At Home is currently one of my favorite stores. I didn’t know it existed until mid-year 2018, and now it’s my go-to store, especially for accents. They have several aisles of vases, but this one stood out to me, and because the ledge is narrow it’s the perfect shape. As far as artificial flowers and stems, I find them between Target, At Home, and Hobby Lobby, and it’s really a therapeutic task for me to decide how I want to arrange them.


I found this watering can on clearance at Target last year, and i’m sure it’s long gone by now, but you can find a similar one here.

For storage, I use the cabinet space under the sink, a three-tray utility cart and two wicker baskets, one for used towels and one for extra toilet paper rolls.

Valspar 2005-3B “Spanish Dancer” found at Home Depot

Valspar 2005-3B “Spanish Dancer” found at Home Depot

I don’t ever think a space is done; I’m always looking for things to pick up and change here and there, but i’m at a good pause point in the bathroom for now, and i’m anxious to dive into my next project which is the bedroom. I’d like to continue in the same vein- terra cotta and rust colors and greenery with a bohemian sort of vibe.