Schmidt's Natural Deodorant: Bergamot + Lime

I try to keep it real when it comes to the products I share, because you may actually be taking my word for it- me- of all people. If we’re keeping it 100% real, I did not like Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant initially, because I was confused about what it was doing to my skin. Before I explain this incredibly important epiphany, let me tell you about this deodorant and why I do like it.


There were claims that deodorant was linked to certain types of cancer. While research shows that this is not true, most deodorants still use aluminum to control odor and sweat, and aluminum temporarily plugs the pores on the surface of the skin to do that. It may not seem like that big of a deal, because who wants to walk around with bad body odor? You may feel it’s worth the risk, but consider, though, that you are plugging these pores everyday of your life for your entire life. It’s not healthy, because our bodies don’t naturally require aluminum for any reason.

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant is made without aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and propylene glycol- all that means is that there are no harmful chemicals like aluminum or preservatives. It’s made with essential oils, the bergamot and lime scent being my absolute favorite. The scent is light and fresh, so it’s working extra hard to keep you smelling fresh. It’s not outstanding at controlling sweat, so I may have to dab under my arms every now and then if it’s hot or i’m active, but it does control odor.


NOW this is the part that you’re going to want to read. If you were to look at Schmidt’s website, there’s a bullet under the description of this deodorant that says, “…application requires only a small amount.” I bolded it for you, because I definitely feel it should be emphasized, especially after reading the site reviews. The reason I did not like this deodorant initially is that I was applying it like I would a regular deodorant. Just as some other customers, for the first couple weeks, it was burning my skin and the skin under my arms was turning black. It’s highly concentrated, so you really do only need a small amount. Also, it’s better not to do big swiping motions; you’d probably want to stick to a few small strokes. You wouldn’t think you’d need instructions for deodorant, but once I learned all of this, I didn’t have any issues.