Clinique: High Impact Mascara

My grandmother only wears Clinique makeup, and whatever department store she’d get it from gave really cute makeup bags with sample products like blush, lipstick, and eyeshadow duos. Circa 2015, she started giving me those samples every time she bought makeup, and of course I’d test everything out, but the High Impact Mascara is the one that stuck- so much so that I started buying the full size tube.


If you’re one of the few people that doesn’t get individual lashes installed (like me) or you’re not in the mood to wear strip lashes every time you wear makeup (like me), you’ve got to have a go-to mascara. This one is mine. My lashes are a pretty good length, but they really need a good lift, and I’m not a big fan of lash curlers. Now, Clinique has around five different kinds of High Impact Mascara, but my personal favorite is the Elevating for getting that lift that I need.

I generally start by getting right at the root of my lashes and do a kind of roll and lift motion. You really could get away with just one coat, but I always do two, and I love that it doesn’t clump in the tube or on my lashes. Not only is that important for the top lashes, but also the bottom, which tend to be a little harder to get to. This wand makes it easy to coat the bottom lashes if you turn it vertically.

Do you know those moments when you accidentally get mascara somewhere you didn’t intend to and the next thing you know, it looks as though you have a black eye? I’ve had many of those frustrating moments, but with this mascara, if I get a dot of it somewhere that I didn’t want it, I can take a finger and get it off without a smudge. That’s the power of the lightweight formula that I haven’t found in any other mascara.

Immovable mascara is what we want, because I don’t think anyone wants a loose formula that will run if you wipe your eyes or happen to cry. I have seen reviews that say this mascara is impossible to remove, but don’t I always have a trick for you? Micellar Water. I use a cotton pad, fold it over my lashes and wipe gently. It comes right off.


You would be looking at a price point of $19.50, but I dare not exaggerate to say that the mascara lasts so long that it’s worth it.