Interiors: Bedroom Decor


I didn’t get to travel this summer, but I asked myself, “what can you do?” I decided that I would invest some time and money into my space. I love interior design; in fact, I wouldn’t mind a career in it at some point in my life. I’ve been building home interior boards on Pinterest and Instagram for a while now, so I was able to get a pretty good idea of what kind of colors and pieces I wanted. I took the ideas I saw and make them my own, and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.

What I’m most proud of is that I did everything myself, from painting the wall, to hanging the mirror and shelves, to disassembling the old and reassembling the new bed. Shopping at places like Hobby Lobby, Target, At Home, Wayfair, and Home Depot, I found exactly what I needed to complete this project.

The overall process was very involved, as I did everything myself, with the exception of hanging the curtains. It gave me something to really focus on, and I am thrilled by using power tools, matching colors, painting, and everything that went into this project. I feel that it’s so important to personalize a space that you spend a lot of time in, so that was part of my motivation for tackling this on my own.

When I was deciding on the palette, I thought about the colors I love to see in nature. As far as bolder colors, we see the oranges and reds of sunset. I wanted to add color but keep it chic and modern. This pillow and end-of-bed throw are pieces from Opalhouse by Target, which is a collection that I really love for the bold and vibrant colors. The midnight wall color is a Behr Paint named “Carbon,” which I found at Home Depot.

We see muted colors in the wheat of the fields and green foliage and wood/bark in the trees. I pulled from all of that to create my arrangements and to choose accents like the mirror and the wooden table (At Home) you see on the right side of the room.

Above, I found the artificial Monstera leaf at Target, and the brown Pampas grass at Michaels. I combined them in this vase from At Home.

If you remember when I redid my bathroom, this mirror (Target) was hung on the accent wall there. When I started redoing my bedroom, I felt that it fit the theme more, so I have since moved it and hung a gold, more modern accent mirror (previously in my loft) in my bathroom. As for the leaves, I found the garland at Michaels. It comes with a hook on both ends, so I used thumb tacks behind the mirror to keep it in place.


When you look at the black wall, the shelves don’t seem to be on brackets; however, if you look closely, they are resting on black brackets. These are called floating shelves, which I hung using these 6 inch brackets from Amazon. I went to Home Depot and had the two shelves cut to 14 inches in length. When it was time to purchase brackets I found that they were not available in-store, especially at this size. Once I had them, it was a simple matter of drilling the brackets into the boards using small screws and then drilling the boards into the wall using large screws.


Below, the wheat, vase and leaf arrangement you see were all found at Hobby Lobby.

Of course, art- a room, a piece- is never done, so I’ll continue to add and change as I see and think of new ideas.