Protective Styling: Crochet Faux Locs

After I got jumbo box braids in April, I decided I would try to keep my hair in braided protective styles for the remainder of the year. It wasn’t that my hair necessarily needed a break from anything, because I’ve been natural with no heat for years; I just thought it would be fun to experiment with different styles. Once you go through the trouble of sitting for hours, you’ve got yourself a style that is generally fuss-free and lasts for weeks.

Essence Magazine describes braided styles as a rite of passage for black women. I remember so vividly sitting for nine hours many times to get micro braids while I was in middle school and other simpler braid styles like cornrows in elementary school. I’ve had such great appreciation for the art of braiding since I was a child, and now having any sort of protective style as an adult, I feel so queenly and commanding.

Since my jumbo box braids in April, I’ve had medium box braids, and, for the last five weeks, these crochet faux locs. I’ve gotten so many compliments and questions about them that I thought I’d do a Q&A to answer those questions.

Q: Who did your hair?

Her Instagram is @braidsbyquandie, and she’s located in Richmond, Virginia. She has done my marley twists, multiple sizes of box braids, and my crochet faux locs. She is absolutely amazing at what she does, and she’s an incredibly sweet person. I certainly recommend her for providing quality work and overall positive experiences.


Q: How long did it take?

These crochet locs took just about four hours. They’re different from faux locs in that the crochet locs are already made versus twisting them individually. My real hair is still short, so she added braiding hair to my real hair in order to cornrow it to my scalp. I like the fact that she braided up in the back so that I could put the locs into updos like you see in the pictures. Once the braiding was done, she crocheted the locs into the cornrows.

Q: What kind of hair did you buy and where?

I bought 4 packs of Freetress Brand Hippie Loc hair and 2 packs of Freetress Brand Boho Hippie Loc hair to mix in. The Boho Hippie Locs vary in length so you get those locs with stray strands of hair. Of course, that was a personal preference. You could certainly go with locs that are all the same length. I bought my hair from Orange Beauty, which used to be located on Hull Street in Richmond; however, they have since moved.

Q: How long do they last?

This is week five for me, which is perfect, because I like to keep styles for 5-6 weeks. Theoretically, I could go another week, because they look fine even when messy; however, my scalp has been dry, so I’d like to condition my hair and scalp before moving onto another style in a few days.

Q: How easy are they to style?

They are pretty dense so you’ll need large 6mm or 9mm hair bands to put them all up. If you’re doing half up and half down, you can get away with regular-sized hair ties.


If you have other questions about this protective style or any others I’ve had, I would be glad to answer them. Leave me a comment!