For The Record: Crosley Tourmaline Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player

I didn’t grow up in the era of record players, but I think that’s part of the appeal of them for my generation. Regardless of whether you were raised on vinyls, they can evoke a beautiful sense of nostalgia for anyone. I had been wanting one, and I had the intention of buying one myself, but it ended up that my brother gifted one to me for Christmas. It’s the Crosley Tourmaline Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player in the color “Sky.”

Crosley makes several different models of record players, but no matter which you choose, they are all aesthetically pleasing for any space and simple to use. The built-in speakers provide a full room sound and the case design allows you to use it anywhere. I love music, so it’s important that I always have a way to play it; the Crosley Tourmaline is bluetooth compatible, so if I don’t want to play vinyls, all I need to do is make my phone discoverable, connect to the record player, and play music from my phone or any other device with bluetooth capability.

It’s not an extravagant player, which makes it perfect for beginners and everyday home use. As long as you can place the tone arm to the vinyl, you can hear the music.