Protective Styling: Passion Twists

My plan still is to keep protective styles for the remainder of this year, and I think i’m doing pretty well. Passion twists are my current style, and they really are a beautiful. Of course, I’m here to let you know the specs and what I think about them.


Let’s talk about the process of getting them done. It really is between a three and four hour process if you find a stylist that stays on task. To start, I bought 8 packs of 22-inch Freetress Water Wave hair (color 2), which is crochet style. Of course, there are varying lengths, but I feel more comfortable with long hair, so that’s what I went with. My hair was parted, sectioned, and put into rubber bands, then the water wave hair was crocheted through the rubber bands and twisted all the way down.


Longevity is a big question when it comes to these. A lot of people are concerned that they won’t last. Because of the design of the Freetress, your natural hair can easily unravel from the synthetic hair. Luckily, my natural hair is curly, so it blended in with the synthetic hair even when it unraveled. It’s very important to sleep wearing a bonnet, headwrap or with your hair in a pineapple to prolong the wear of the style and keep frizz and excessive unraveling at bay. This will be my fourth week wearing them, which is a decent amount of time for a protective style. If you want them to look freshly done, you can certainly have the front couple rows redone, but because of the boho nature, they still look fine after weeks of wear.

Styling & Repeat Value

Since the Freetress hair is springy, it can be a slight challenge to get the hair into any updo style, but it’s not out of reach. I have still been able to use Goody Elastic Hair ties for any half up, half down or bun styles that I want to do. I haven’t experimented as much as I wanted to as far as styling, but I still have a little time with them to try some different things. I would definitely get them again, as they weren’t terribly expensive (mine were done at a sale price of $100), it was a fairly short process to get them, and they really are an alluring style.

If you have a question about my Passion Twists that was not answered here, please leave me a comment!