Project: RVA Fashion Week

In the spring of 2017, I submitted an application to be a participant in RVA Fashion week as a makeup artist. This would be my first time providing services for a production, and although it proved to be challenging and extremely high-paced environment, it was a rewarding experience. I met many people and made connections that led to other work.

The first day I worked out of Salon Vivace located at the historic, luxury hotel The Jefferson. Provided with my own booth, I set up and worked on several different models. The next day, I worked at the Bon Secours Training Center where the Redskins hold their training camp; this would be the location for the final show production.

The general look we were going for was natural glam. This meant dewy skin, false lashes, bold brows, and flushed cheeks and nude lips.

RVAFW 6.jpeg
RVAFW 4.jpeg
RVAFW 3.jpeg
RVAFW 20.jpeg
RVAFW 17.jpeg
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